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Lyme disease

I have Chronic Lyme Disease, untreated for 7 years, and have been ill since 1997.

I was referred to April without knowing very much about Reiki and unsure if my life would be impacted by working with her. I had an instant connection with April. Her energy buzzed thru me from the moment we met so I started regular treatment sessions with her. She is so easy to talk to and she listens, really listens to what I have to say, how I say it and how I feel. This is very significant.

When I first started seeing April, I felt as if my ‘life force‘ or my ‘light’ was extremely depleted. It took everything I had just to get dressed and drive across Modesto for my appointment. Since I live in Modesto, I see April once a month when she is in town for appointments or classes. Under her guidance and using her wealth of gifts and knowledge my progress has had a steady, uphill healing path towards wellness. Since I have been ill for such a long time, this once a month treatment schedule works for me. This gives me time to process each session, self-treat where I can, work on any ‘homework’ that has been suggested and do research.

I love working with April. She is a gifted spiritual healer, with years of knowledge to which she can refer. She masters and adds new treatment concepts to compliment her already vast base of healing. She has given me a new perspective to living, to healing and has been such a positive influence in my life. I have had improvements in energy, reduced anxiety, reduced depression, increased cognitive function and a decrease in pain.

April has brought my me back into my life, my happiness, my joyful spirit. My life force now reawakened increases with each treatment. Thank you, April.

I find it fascinating that only you have been able to see and help me .. I’ve been to therapy and told that my problems bother them as much as they bother me… I am SOOO relieved that Ron brought me to you… – Judy Ditton-Appling

Conditions: shoulder pain
I cannot begin to tell you how amazing April and her abilities to heal are. I have been seeing her for several years on a regular basis and I am still continually surprised by my results!!!!

One of my most recent experiences was with severe shoulder pain. Initially there was a significant difference in height between one shoulder and the other, not to mention the unbearable pain in the one shoulder. I am a Nurse and it was hindering my ability to move my patients without massive pain. By the time my session with April was finished, the pain was gone and the shoulders were at the same level again!!!!!!

If you are struggling with pain, lack of energy or anything in between, you need to reach out to April!! I have recommended her to friends and many professionals in my field, including Physcians.

I will continue to see her to assist in my healing needs. Grateful. – Elise

Spent the last 2 days on Fire Mountain with April Walker for a second Reiki class. Took a crowbar to pry me out of their to leave. Once you’ve experienced the Power of Reiki it’s hard to not want to keep learning. April is a Magnificent Reiki Master and woman. She is so welcoming and full of Reiki wisdom. Can’t wait to return to Fire Mountain. – Denise Hawkins Larson

Dr. Ralph JefferyApril Walker and her Emotion Code therapy have become a fundamental component in my clinic where we see emotional stress as a key factor in biological disease. The results have spoken for themselves and promoted a loyal following among my patients and family.

Dr. Ralph Jeffery, DC, Jeffery Accident Clinic



I have been part of the healing community for 30 years. I have been audience to many of the greatest talents in this community, worldwide. April is the best of the best. She exemplifies humility, dedication, integrity, and devotion to the absolute best interests of her clients. There are many individuals who practice the various healing modalities–emotion code, body code, reiki etc. I am sure many of them are quite good. April is a master of them. Her intuitive abilities are beyond impressive. Her mind is a marvel. Her intention is of the highest and most pure and most humble–this is ALWAYS where you will find miracles. My spouse’s and my life have been immeasurably transformed by her work on so many levels. She has helped us to be able to say that THIS is now the best part of our lives.
Tim H, Los Angeles

RugerMy 14 Month old son, Ruger hated water, he was terrified of it. I noticed around 5-6 weeks old he would become very upset every time he was placed in the bath. I tried everything over the next year. I did bubbles, light up toys, and even started to get in with him and breastfeed him. It wasn’t just the bath, it was all water. He also threw fits in the lake and pool, even after buying fun rafts and making a game out of it. He was just petrified. My sister recommended April Walker for other things going on in my life. During one of our sessions I brought Ruger with me. I had mentioned his fear of water and she worked on his healing. The day after our appointment with April, we went to the lake for a play date and he walked right into the water without hesitation. No tears, no tantrum, just fun. We still have more to work on, but it was a miracle what April was able to do for him in just one session. EW – Sonora, CA

April Walker is an amazing healer.  I highly recommend working with her. Her intuition and insight is impeccable and it amazes me every time she gives me information about what is going on with me, and things about my past.  Her knowledge and healing skills are many and she always knows which method to use and at the appropriate time.  April gives you true healing.

I have April do a session on me every week and she has worked with me on many issues.  The most profound one I think is the subject of Abundance.  I own my own business, and it was not doing well.  April did a couple of sessions on me to release blocks that I have to success, prosperity, and abundance, and now my business is booming and I am ready to start my wait list for clients.  I almost cannot handle them all.  I am getting phone calls just about everyday for new clients.  It is incredible.

If we skip a week (sometimes I have her work on family members), I can feel the difference and I am making sure I get a session with her the next week.  

She clears out, or corrects so many different types of negative energies that you are not even aware, but you know she did because you feel better, and lighter, you smile more.  Life and relationships therefore are easier and they feel better and lighter.  And that is what is important isn’t it, that you are happier and the people around you join in.  With April’s help, you can make this happen.  Thank you April!! – Lisa G, Northern VA


Nancy Carr, CA

In January I asked April for her help with a very persistent and worsening dry eye syndrome. I’m tried everything the doctors can recommend, fish oils, restasis, antibiotics, warm compresses, eyelid washes, and have to put in Refresh Optive drops all day long, sometimes as frequently as every five minutes. My life revolves around taking care of my eyes. It’s exhausting and the redness that accompanies this problem has been crippling. As a performer and teacher this has had a huge impact on my livelihood.

April did three sessions for me, after which I received emails where she accurately was able to identify some troubled times that I experienced and the emotions that were blocking my body from being able to heal itself. The following day my eyes were worse, and I wondered if this was part of the process. To my relief two days later my eyes were noticeably better and continued to improve. Currently they are not 100% and I do still have to use drops but the improvement has been life changing. I also feel like a new person in general, less self conscious, and more able to let myself be myself in front of others. This has had an amazing impact on my music.

Before working with April my eye dryness and redness was between 7-10 on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst. Now I still get tired eyes in the evenings, but it is so much better than before, and easier for me to manage. Now they are on average on the scale of 1-3 throughout the day, at at the end of a long day, a 5-7.

I don’t know how she does it, but I’m so grateful, and she is a real gift to us. Love – Sean Longstreet



ls testimonial I’ve known April for over 30 years. She explores gently to the root of suffering with a fearless, compassionate heart, and offers her patients a clear path out of the darkness with the restorative gifts of Reiki, Emotion Code, healing oil therapy, diet and nutrition (healing through food), Happiness Coaching, and a wide variety of other effective healing modalities. In my own life, she helped me to rise up from the prison of 15 years of severe obesity, helped heal me through several surgeries, and helped my 70 year old Mother through the grips of cervical spine degeneration and chronic life threatening depression. I cannot recommend her enough.

If you seek healing for yourself or a loved one (animals too!), contact April and talk a bit. She does distance work as well, which works amazingly and is so convenient for the patient! I know in my bones that her only desire is to give loving healing to the world.

Reiki Master April Walker comes to the rescue again.. Going out of my mind with after-surgery pain, having taken the complete combination of physician prescribed morphine, oxycodone, and Tylenol together could do nothing to stifle the intense mind-boggling pain week-after surgery that sprang up.

Why do I forget April is at hand for any life cure? A late-night email begging her assistance brought such relief, I felt a new person within the hour. I thank you, and my husband thanks you. Perhaps you can offer regular Reiki remote health visits; a monthly scanning and setting to rights of any physical ailments that plague us. So used to feeling not-up-to-par at times, we forget that we can be Reikied back to good health. So worth it. Thank you for sharing your gift. – M. Daniels – Modesto, CA