Reiki I & II Training

Reiki I & II Training

Prerequisite: None

reiki 1 and 2 Classes Class includes all the Reiki 1&2 basics, attunements connecting you to the energy of Reiki 1&2, instruction and practice in how to do sessions on yourself and others. Many practical techniques for common health issues are also taught, releasing headaches, grounding, charging objects, space clearing and more are also featured, including discussion on how to talk to family and friends about Reiki, Reiki on pets and much more.

Discover why students love taking classes from April Walker! She is known for her effective and informal teaching style. Her classes are both informative and fun. Her teaching method is inclusive of multiple learning styles to fit all student levels and backgrounds in an exploratory learning environment. Many students like to repeat the class, finding their experience deepens each time, and they get new insights and energy.

Give the gift of Reiki: Consider sponsoring a Reiki class for someone or trade for future sessions.

Tuition: $399.00

$200 non-refundable deposit, remaining cost due at or before class. Credit cards, checks, and cash accepted.