Healing Cultured Foods I Class

Cultured Foods I Workshop – The Trinity 3 K’s For Healing

Cultured Vegetable Jars


Skill level: Beginner

1. Introduction – Why Cultured Foods? What is current research saying about these foods? Fermentation (cultured foods) provide an abundance of minerals, vitamins, and healthy bacteria and yeasts that assist in digestion and improve our immune systems. They help the gut and provide amazing energy throughout your day. Learn the basics behind The Trinity Kombucha, Kefir, and Kraut!

2. Lecture, demonstration, and participation making, flavoring, and second – fermenting kombucha. How to make your kombucha fizzy. Participate in flavoring a bottle of kombucha to take home in a lock top fermenting bottle along with an instruction booklet and recipe. 26.00 value.

3. Lecture and demonstration on making kefir (a ferment of fresh milk, pourable like yogurt). Bonus this class only: an instruction booklet, recipe, and option to take home starter kefir grains. 26.00 value.

4. Participate in making traditional probiotic sauerkraut and gut healing liquids to drink and include in your daily life. Take home an instruction booklet, recipe, and a jar of cultured vegetables to have at home that will be ready in a few days. 15.00 value.