About April Walker

April Walker MA Holistic PractitionerKaruna & Usui Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher

Reiki Master Teacher, Licensed Emotion Code, Body Code, Gua Sha Practitioner, and Health & Wellness Coach. She has a background in hospital wellness programs as well as working with physicians who use integrative/alternative techniques.  She has developed healing programs for many health and wellness issues based on 20 years of research and her clinical work with patients

Offices in Modesto & Sonora, CA.  Distance Sessions available by phone, Skype and Zoom.

April is an intuitive empath.  She is known for her effective and informal coaching and teaching style. Her classes are both informative and fun. Her methods are inclusive of multiple learning styles to fit all levels and backgrounds in an exploratory learning & healing environment.

She began her healing journey when her son was born with unexplained health issues. He had no tolerance for medications and nothing traditional was working. By chance, she realized that if she put her hands over his forehead, he could relax and fall asleep. She began asking questions.  At the time, her health was in trouble as well. It took several years to find the answers to the underlying chronic health issues they struggled with.  After extensive research and education, she began to understand how emotional traumas, energetic imbalances & limited beliefs cause mental and physical dis-ease. Upon releasing these imbalances, healing happened.  She opened a professional healing practice in 2004.

April is a developmentalist, her Masters Degree in Human Development. She has thirty years professional teaching experience and has traveled nationally facilitating workshops. She is an adjunct professor at multiple colleges where she teaches Adaptive Physical Education, Health, Child Development, Human Services, and Psychology courses.

April is also a Yoga & Group Fitness Instructor.  She practices Zero Balancing 1, The Fundamentals of Brennan Healing Science, Gua Sha and Quantum Touch.